Breast Reconstruction and Symmetry Procedures
for Cancer Patients

Breast Reconstruction is a rebuilding and recreation of the breast and its shape, following a mastectomy. This can be performed at the same time as the mastectomy, an immediate reconstruction, or at a later time, a delayed reconstruction. Breast reconstruction can involve significant surgery and can take multiple operations, sometimes over a period of months.

The most common techniques used in breast reconstruction are flap reconstructions, using the patient's own tissues or implant based reconstructions.

The type of reconstruction offered will depend on the patient and is discussed in detail on an individual patient basis. There are many types of reconstruction available, and our link to the Macmillan website will give a good overview of most of the techniques available. However, it should be noted that breast reconstruction is not always suitable for every patient and needs to be carefully evaluated before making a decision on an individual patient basis.

In order to allow for precise positioning, reconstruction of the areola and nipple is usually performed in a separate operation after the main body of the breast is complete.

The unaffected breast will sometimes need "adjustment" to achieve symmetry with the reconstructed breast and this procedure can be carried out at the same time as the initial reconstruction, or at a later operation.